Year 12 and 13 2017 Masterclass and Exam Timetable for May

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EXAM DATEStartFinishMasterclassSubjectPeriodTeacherRoom
Monday 15th May9.00am11.00amThursday 11th MayTheatre Studies (AS Written)P6/7BERRYSH2
Monday 15th May9.00am10.30amFriday 12th MayEconomics (Markets, Consumers and Firms)P5/6CUTHBERTA14
Monday 15th May13.30pm3.00pmMonday 15th MayPsychology (AS Paper 1)P1/2WEBLEYSH1
Tuesday 16th May9.00am10.30amMonday 15th MaySociology (AS Paper 1)P3/4MARKEYA14
Tuesday 16th May9.00am11.30amMonday 15th MayFilm Studies (FM2)P5/6TRUANA14
Tuesday 16th May13.30pm2.45pmTuesday 16th MayGeography (Dynamic Landscapes)P2/3HOLOWAY12
Wednesday 17th May9.00am11.00amTuesday 16th MayCreative Writing (Unit 1)P5/6BERRYINT ROOM1
Wednesday 17th May9.00am10.30amTuesday 16th MayMaths (Core C1)P6/7SARFOSH1
Wednesday 17th May9.00am10.30amTuesday 16th MayMaths (Mechanics M3)P5/6WITEKM6TH
Wednesday 17th May13.30pm3.00pmWednesday 17th MayHistory (AS Paper 1 Option G)P3/4BAKER33
Wednesday 17th May13.30pm3.00pmWednesday 17th MayApplied Science (Unit 2)P1/2DEVANEYIT2
Thursday 18th May9.00am11.00amWednesday 17th MayMedia (Unit 1)P5/6FLITTONA3
Friday 19th May9.00am10.30amThursday 18th MayEnglish Literature ( AS Paper 1)P5/6LEEINT ROOM1
Friday 19th May9.00am10.30amThursday 18th MayMaths (Further Pure FP1)P5/6WITEKM6TH
Friday 19th May13.30pm3.15pmFriday 19th MayGeography (Dynamic Places)P3/4HOLOWAY12
Friday 19th May13.30pm2.45pmFriday 19th MayGeography (Investigations)RESITHOLOWAY(SHABAZ KHAN)
Monday 22nd May9.00am10.30amFriday 19th MayDT (ADV Innvtn Chllng Rflctn Test)P5/6LAWSONC6
Monday 22nd May9.00am10.30amFriday 19th MayEconomics (Wider Environ)P5/6CUTHBERTSH1
Monday 22nd May13.30pm3.00pmMonday 22nd MayPsychology (AS Paper 2)P3/4WEBLEYSH1
Tuesday 23rd May9.00am10.30amMonday 22nd MaySociology (AS Paper 2)P1/2MARKEYA14
Tuesday 23rd May9.00am10.30amMonday 22nd MayPhysics A (Breadth in Physics Written)P3/4McDONALDS16
Tuesday 23rd May13.30pm3.00pmTuesday 23rd MayHistory (AS Paper 2 Option O)P3/4BAKERD11 (IOAN EKLAND)
Wednesday 24th May9.00am10.30amTuesday 23rd MayMaths (Core C2)P5/6WITEKSH1 (CHARLOTTE GREEN)
Wednesday 24th May13.30pm3.00pmWednesday 24th MayEnglish Literature ( AS Paper 2)P1/2LEEM8
Thursday 24th May9.00am10.30amWednesday 24th MayHSCP6/7ROGERS32
Thursday 25th May13.30pm3.15pmThursday 25th MayMusic (Listening and Anylysing)P1/2FLITTONA1
Thursday 25th May13.30pm3.00pmThursday 25th MayBiology A (Breadth in Biology Written)P1/2TAYLORS20
Friday 26th May9.00am11.30amThursday 25th MayUrdu ( Written Resp & Research)P1/2TUMILTYD2
Friday 26th May9.00am10.30amThursday 25th MayChemistry A ( Breadth in Chemistry Written)P3/4DEVANEYIT2