What is A2B?

A2B is a school support team with experienced advisers who are helpful and will always listen. The point of A2B is to make the school a safer community and to offer an ear to listen to all of the year groups at The Radcliffe School. We deal with a variety of different problems and give advice on many things. Examples of support we offer are for anti-bullying advice, friendship issues, communication with teachers and information on breakfast, lunch and after school clubs.


The A2B room is located just off the main hall, down the corridor on the way to the Design and Technology Department. There are three main ways to contact A2B. The first is through an email address, a2b@radcliffeschool.org.uk. The A2B room is open daily before school, during break and lunchtimes, as well as after school. If the A2B room is not open or there is someone in there talking to an advisor, on the front of the door is a ‘Message Box’ which you can post a message to us and we will get back to you.

A2B is now recruiting for new members! If you are helpful, confident, happy, positive and mature then you are perfect for the role. Feel free to come to the A2B room to pick up an application form or speak to an advisor for more information. We are particularly keen for Year 10 and Year 11 students to join us.  If you are considering taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme then joining the A2B team can be used as part of your volunteering hours that need to be achieved.  This would also allow A2B to offer students across the Radcliffe School a wide range of experience that is required to offer a comprehensive support service. 

The A2B team are dedicated to working with students to continue to maintain a safe school community and follow the behavioural and anti-bullying policies code of conduct.  All contact with the A2B team is dealt with in the strictest confidence.  Come along and say hello and see what is happening in A2B today.