House System

Great care and consideration is taken to welcome new students and to ensure that they have an identifiable and secure place within The Radcliffe School community. It is our aim that we give pupils the opportunity to make happy relationships and be secure, in order that they make the best progress in their learning. To support this aim the school has a vertical House system, which has three core values: Raising aspirations, healthy competition and developing community values.

Each student is placed in a House of around 270 boys and girls of all ages with siblings being put in the same House. 

Our Four Houses are named: 


Aspirational Pastoral Care

Within each House students are placed into smaller tutor groups of about 21 pupils of mixed ages.

Tutor groups are led by tutors who deal with mentoring and supporting academic progress, and daily matters that allow them to get to know your child very well. The tutor’s most important task is to build positive, personal relationships with, and between, pupils and with their parents in a way that creates a “family” atmosphere. Tutor groups meet every day for 30 minutes and during this time student participate in Maths and Literacy tasks as well as a Personal Development programme. Additional activities include debates and opportunities to become involved in mentoring and leadership roles.

They also have the opportunity to learn from older students about options choices, and the study and organisational habits needed for GCSEs and A Levels. We also believe that it is important for younger students to have high aspirations for themselves and we are proud that our system supports this.

From very early on, pupils are encouraged to show responsibility and leadership and to express their views confidently. Student Voice is very important to us and we listen to ideas that pupils have that might help us to improve the running of the school. Mr Austin leads on this as well as ensuring that all house events and successes are communicated to all interested parties. 


Healthy Competition

The House system promotes and celebrates success. When a student makes a excellent progress in their development, shows excellent habits of behaviour or learning, or makes a positive contribution to the school and its wider community, they will be rewarded with Vivo Points that combine towards regular rewards and an annual award ceremony that are organized by Mr De Beer.

Mr Lee oversees the calendar of activities that Houses become involved in. He is supported by Student House Managers for each house and corresponding year. Their role it is to lead House activities, charity work and enrichment. 


Community Values

The Houses also concentrate on developing an ethos of care for people outside of the community. This presents itself in the form of volunteering work, charity work and active citizenship within their House. Each House has their own charity that they work hard to support throughout the year and raise significant amount of money. This is led by Miss Girt.

Each House is lead by a Head of House and also have a non-teaching Assistant Head of House that support the care and well being of pupils in each House and are a readily available contact for parents during the day.