Year 12 and 13 2017 Masterclass and Exam Timetable for June

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EXAM DATESTARTFINISHMasterclassSubjectPeriodTeacherRoom
Monday 05th June9.00am10.45AMFriday 26th MayIT (Computer Science AS Paper 1D)P5/6MURPHYSH1
Monday 05th June9.00am10.45AMFriday 26th MayFrench (Listen, Read & Translation)P3/4P3-Trochi/ P4-PalmieriD8
Monday 05th June9.00am11.30AM French (Written response)   
Monday 05th June13.30PM4.00PMMonday 05th JuneGeography (Contested Planet)P1/2HOLOWAY12
Monday 05th June13.30PM3.00PMMonday 05th JuneCriminology (Unit 2; Paper based)P1/2WEBLEYSH1
Tuesday 06th June13.30PM3.00PMTuesday 06th JuneBiology A (Depth in Biology Written)P3/4TAYLORM5
Tuesday 06th June13.30PM15.30PMTuesday 06th JuneEconomics (Markets and how they work)P3/4CUTHBERTD11
Wednesday 07th June9.00am10.30AMTuesday 06th JuneMaths (Statistics S1)P5/6RICHARDS/WITEKA14
Wednesday 07th June13.30PM15.30PMWednesday 07th JunePsychology (Foundations in Psychology)P1/2WEBLEYSH1
Wednesday 07th June13.30PM4.00PM Dutch (Listen/Read/Write 1)   
Thursday 08th June13.30PM4.00PMThursday 8th JuneSociology (ADV Paper 1)P1/2MARKEYD4
Thursday 08th June13.30PM3.00PMThursday 8th JunePhysics A (Depth in Physics Written)P3/4PATEL21
Friday 09th June9.00am11.30AMThursday 8th JuneHistory (ADV Paper 1 Option G)P1/2BAKER22
Friday 09th June9.00am10.30AM IT (Computer Science AS Paper 2)   
Friday 09th June9.00am10.40AMThursday 8th JuneFrench ( Written, resp, works and Trans)P3/4P3-Trochi/ P4-PalmieriD8
Friday 09th June9.00am10.00AMThursday 8th JuneDT (Product Design written paper 1)P5/6LAWSONC6
Friday 09th June9.00am10.30AMThursday 8th JuneDT (Product Design written paper 2)P5/6LAWSONC6
Friday 09th June9.00am11.45AMThursday 8th JuneFilm Studies (FM4)P3/4TRUANIT2
Friday 09th June13.30PM3.00PMFriday 9th JuneGeography (Geographical Research)P1/2HOLOWAY22
Friday 09th June13.30PM3.00PMFriday 9th JuneChemistry A (Depth in Chemistry written)P1/2PATELA14
Monday 12th June13.30PM3.00PMMonday 12th JuneApplied Science (Unit 11)P3/4DEVANEYSCIENCE 6TH
Monday 12th June13.30PM3.45PMMonday 12th JuneBiology A (Biological Processes written))P3/4TAYLORM6TH
Tuesday 13th June13.30PM16.30PMTuesday 13th JuneCreative Writing (Unit 3)P1/2BERRYSCIENCE 6TH
Tuesday 13th June13.30PM15.35PMTuesday 13th JuneChemistry A (Prd table elmt Phy Chem Writt)P3/4DEVANEYS18
Tuesday 13th June13.30PM15.30PMTuesday 13th JuneEconomics (Competing in Global Econ)P1/2CUTHBERTD19
Wednesday 14th June9.00am10.30AMTuesday 13th JuneMaths(Mechanics M1)P5/6WITEKM6TH
Wednesday 14th June13.30PM15.30PMWednesday 14th JunePsychology (Applications of Psychology)P1/2WEBLEYSH1
Thursday 15th June9.00am12.00PMWednesday 14th JuneEnglish Literature (ADV P1)P3/4LEESCIENCE 6TH
Thursday 15th June9.00am11.15AMWednesday 14th JunePhysics A (Modelling Physics Written)P6/7McDONALDSCIENCE 6TH
Thursday 15th June13.30PM15.30PMThursday 15th JuneSociology (ADV Paper 2)P1/2MARKEYD4
Friday 16th June9.00am11.30AMThursday 15th JuneHistory (ADV Paper 2 Option 0)P3/4BAKER21
Friday 16th June9.00am11.30AMThursday 15th JuneGerman (Written Resp & Research)P5/6P5-Stapley/ P6-JonesA14
Friday 16th June13.30PM3.00PMFriday 16th JuneMaths (Mechanics M2)P1/2WITEK22
Friday 16th June13.30PM3.00PMFriday 16th JuneMaths (Decision D1)P3/4WITEKM6TH
MonMonday 19th June9.00am11.30AMMonday 12th JuneFrench (Written response and research)P1/2P1-Palmieri/P2-Trochi33
Monday 19th June9.00am11.15AMFriday 16th JuneChemistry A (Synths & Anlytcl Techni Written)P3/4DEVANEYSCIENCE 6TH
Monday 19th June13.30PM15.30PMMonday 19th JuneEconomics ( Env & Business)P4CUTHBERTD11
Tuesday 20th June9.00AM11.15AMMonday 19th JuneBiology A (Biological Diversity written)P6/7TAYLORS16
Tuesday 20th June13.30PM15.30PMTuesday 20th JuneSociology (ADV Paper 3)P3/4MARKEYD4
Tuesday 20th June13.30PM3.00PMTuesday 20th JuneMaths (Core C3)P3/4SARFOM3
Wednesday 21st June9.00AM11.15AMTuesday 20th JunePhysics A (Exploring Physics written)P1/2PATELSCIENCE 6TH
Thursday 22nd June9.00AM11.30AMWednesday 21st JuneEnglish Literature (ADV P2 Opt A)P3/4LEES4
Thursday 22nd June13.30PM15.30PMThursday 22nd JunePsychology (Psychological skills)P3/4WEBLEYSH1
Friday 23rd June9.00AM10.30AMThursday 22nd JuneMaths (Core C4)P1/2WITEKM5
Friday 23rd June9.00AM10.30AMThursday 22nd JuneMaths (Decision D2)P3/4WITEKM6TH
Friday 23rd June9.00AM11.30AMThursday 22nd JuneTheatre Studies (Drama DA4)P5/6BERRYSCIENCE 6TH
Monday 26th June9.00AM10.30AMFriday 23rd JuneBiology A (Unified Biology written)P5/6TAYLORS20
Monday 26th June13.30PM3.00PMMonday 26th JuneMaths (Further Pure FP3)P1/2WITEKM6TH
Monday 26th June13.30PM3.00PMMonday 26th JuneMaths (Statistics S2)P1/2RICHARDSSCIENCE 6TH
Tuesday 27th June9.00AM10.30AMMonday 26th JuneChemistry A (Unified Chemistry written)P3/4DEVANEYSCIENCE 6TH
Thursday 29th June9.00AM10.30AMWednesday 26th JunePhysics A (Unified Physics written)P5/6McDONALDS18