Year 9 GCSE Options:  September 2019 Changes and Rationale

Implimentation Table.PNG

When choosing subjects for accreditation, it is important for all students to maintain a range of experiences through different subjects. All students from September 2019 will maintain choose from a Humanities or Modern Foreign Language subject. These subjects are important for our students to maintain learning of different cultures, communities and societies outside of their own community. In addition, all students will choose a subject from the creative arts areas of the curriculum so students learn different ways to express their ideas and have the opportunity to develop creativity and problem solving skills.

The 2019 models allows students to choose an additional four subjects in addition to the core Maths, English, Science, PE and Modern Britain subjects (See individual subject pages for details) are structured so that all students will be expected to choose from a Language or Humanities and will also have to choose a creative arts subject. The other two options are designed to offer a mixture of practical and academic subjects from all areas of the curriculum. This choice also offers a range of different accreditation routes including BTEC options.

This proposal gives every student a broad and balanced curriculum, but still offers a flexibility of academic and vocational routes with a variety of accreditations to maximise the outcomes achieved by each individual. This model also maintains the widest possible choice for progression routes Post 16 as every student will have a greater range of subjects on which to choose future opportunities for education and training.

Whilst this structures choices far more, this model does not insist that every student will fall within the old EBACC curriculum. A selection of a Language or History or Geography gives our students a choice. The principle of enabling our students to experience every aspect of the curriculum at this foundation stage will be important to enable our students to receive the best well-rounded educational experience on which to build Post 16 and beyond.