Inspire and Achieve - Always

Our Vision

At The Radcliffe School we are committed to ensuring that all that we do, always inspires our students and sets them on the right path to achievement. We offer all our students, across the ability range, a broad and balanced curriculum and we aim to help them to discover, develop and exceed their own potential and expectations.  We are committed to equipping them with the knowledge, technological capabilities, learning skills and character needed to face the modern digital world and to cultivate respect for, and understanding of, all members of our community.

Our Promises

We believe that every student is unique and we endeavour to identify and provide all that they need to succeed. We have very high standards of behaviour and expect that students are here to develop not only their academic prowess but also their ‘social and emotional’ confidence and self-esteem. We exercise ‘discipline with dignity’ and work with every student, regardless of background and socioeconomic standing, ensuring they are cared for, guided and supported to do their best at all times. To ensure this we promise to always endeavour that:

  • Every Student is treated with respect.
  • Every Student is allowed and encouraged to participate.
  • Every Student is cared for.
  • Every Student is guided to achieve their greatest potential independently.
  • Every Student is supported.
  • No Student is ignored, bullied or disregarded.
  • All Staff uphold these promises.

Aims and Objectives

We aim to serve the community and work with parents/carers to help our students develop and mature into responsible adults and good citizens. We aim to provide an outstanding curriculum in the holistic sense. It is our ethos to maintain the comprehensive nature of our School and serve the whole of the community by providing a truly broad and balanced curriculum.

  • We provide an orderly, safe and stimulating environment in which students and staff can teach and learn effectively and with joy.
  • We raise the aspiration of every student as we believe this is key to achievement.
  • We instil the high standards and values of pride, confidence, courtesy, self-discipline, respect, responsibility and co-operation in all our students.
  • We encourage all to understand and respect the religious and moral values of their own and other cultures.
  • We help all to develop their skills and abilities to the highest possible level, acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for adulthood and the world of work.
  • We encourage students to enjoy learning so that they go on learning throughout their life.

In our School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, underpinned by a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our curriculum is effectively balanced between knowledge based qualifications (GCE-GCSE) and skills based qualifications (BTEC or OCR). This enables us to meet the aspirations of all within our community and to tailor the experience of every learner in our care. In short, our curriculum is differentiated by the range of opportunities and qualifications available, thus assuring the opportunity for every student to achieve their full potential.