We are working towards making The Radcliffe School more eco-friendly, as even little changes can have a big impact.
Our meetings take place every Friday lunchtime, in room 33 – everyone is welcome, bring lunch too.

Did you know?

The new Sports Hall is really environmentally friendly – it can generate its own electricity! There are also lots of bat and bird boxes – take a look around the building.

We already recycle lots of our rubbish using the white bags from the council.

Some of our Radeco students took part in the #studentsstrikeforclimate march to show their support for the environment.

Current and future projects:

  • Plastic in the canteen – working with the Catering Manager to find possible alternatives

  • ‘Turn off the Lights’ – campaign to encourage students and staff to turn off lights at the end of the day, using small signs made on recycled paper and reminders on the computer screens.

  • Eco Survey – we had over 100 responses to our survey about the environment

  • Eco Board – we are currently designing ideas for our own Eco Board

  • Encouraging students and staff to be more environmentally aware – Good Morning Radcliffe slide every week with news, facts and ideas.

  • Working with the School Council to discuss ideas for improving cycling facilities for students

  • Save the wildlife – adopting an endangered animal for our school

  • Fundraising

  • Terracycle – recycling crisp packets and batteries in school