A Level Mathematics

Contact: Mr E Sarfo Kari-Kari or Mr O Morrison

Course Requirement:

A strong grade 7 or higher, is recommended at GCSE.

It is paramount for students to have a strong grasp of all algebraic concepts taught at GCSE Maths: this is often a stumbling block at A Level, as it is possible to gain a higher grade at GCSE without the skills which form the cornerstone of A Level work.

Students learn to work steadily, to present solutions clearly and concisely, and to extend their own thinking within a logical framework. They develop resilience, as harder problems often require several attempts before a way in is identified. Specifically, students acquire the confidence to deal with information given in algebraic, numerical or graphical form, and to produce written work which is logical and concise.

The 3 units - namely, Pure Maths 1, Pure Maths 2 and Mechanics/Statistics - are weighted at 33.3% each.

This means that Pure Maths is weighted at 66.7% whilst Mechanics/Statistics together are weighted at 33.3%.

Details of how students are assessed:

A level table 1.PNG

Further Maths

What is Further Mathematics?

The Further Maths A Level qualification broadens and deepens the Mathematics covered in A Level Maths. It is taken alongside A Level Mathematics.

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