The Exams Office is responsible for organising and overseeing everything to do with all the exams at The Radcliffe School, from timetabling to organising invigilators.

Along with rules and regulations set by the Exam Boards we expect students to:

  • Wear their Radcliffe School Uniform correctly

  • Make sure they have the correct equipment for the exam they are sitting

  • Follow ALL instructions

The JCQ instructions say that watches, mobile phones and other electronic devices must not be brought in to the exam room. These should either be left at home or handed in before the exam. Envelopes are provided outside the exam room to put your belongings in, put your name on it and then put in the correct House box.

If you have any queries, please contact us on exams@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Exam Boards


Exam Documents

Prior to mock examination sessions, students will receive a timetable via tutor trays, advising them of their mock examination dates.

For external examinations, candidates will receive an initial, reference timetable (portrait style) and then, closer to the relevant examination season, candidates will be provided with a rooming/seating timetable (landscape style) at which point they should discard the reference timetable. Students will receive timetables via the tutor tray and they will also be emailed to students and tutors. Please make sure you check all personal information is correct as this will be used on your certificates. Any subject queries should be directed to your teacher.

Please find below a copy of the Guidance book you have been given.

Guidance for learners

Here are copies of the JCQ rules and regulations:

Warning to Candidates

Information for Candidates – Written exams

Information for Candidates – GCSE Controlled Assessments

Information for Candidates – GCE Controlled Assessments

Information for Candidates – NEA (Non Examination Assessments)

Information for Candidates – Onscreen Tests

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice

Information for Candidates – Social Media

Exam Certificates

Please keep your examination certificates in a safe place. They are often required for employment opportunities, applications to universities etc., in the future. Obtaining replacements from exam boards can be a lengthy and expensive process. Please be advised we are only legally required to hold certificates for 12 months. After this date, certificates may be destroyed. It is very important that you collect your certificates when they are available. This is usually the November after the summer exams but details will be provided in with your exam results.

Students are required to collect their certificates in person. If this is not possible, a friend or family member may collect them on their behalf, but only with signed written permission to do so using the following letter.

Collection letter link