Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to build resilient learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be responsible and effective members of the community locally and internationally, and in doing so transform life chances in a way which supports positive outcomes for our students.

The curriculum will enable our learners to be confident members of the world, whose voices are heard and who are prepared and able to tackle the barriers that may limit them in fulfilling their ambitions.

The curriculum we create and implement is one which is inspiring, supportive and inclusive, focusing on sequencing of learning over five or seven years which takes students from their unique starting points to a platform from which they can succeed post 16.

It is responsive to our diverse and evolving context. High aspiration is at the heart of our school intention to Build Brighter Futures Together to Inspire and Achieve.

At The Radcliffe School our intent is for the curriculum to ensure that all our learners’ needs are supported so that they can most importantly develop as young people who are well equipped to enter the workplace, whilst building their skill sets in:

Core learning skills:

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Core Digital Skills

  • Critical Thinking

Subject specific skills

Character Aspects

  • Leadership

  • Organisation

  • Resilience

  • Initiative

  • Communication





This will enable students to fulfil their potential, ambitions and aspirations through a personalised guidance programme from their entry point within the school. When choosing options for GCSE courses, choices are structured so students maintain experiences and skills which enable students to develop a full range of skills and experiences throughout their time before KS5.

Please click here for our 3 Year Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Plan 2019